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Occupational Therapy does what it says on the tin. It uses occupation as therapy and always considers the whole person. As human beings we are naturally active. We work, we play, we have hobbies, and we have family, friends and a social network. All of these activities determine who we are and provide us with our identity.


When we are ill or injured, these areas of our lives are often interrupted or stopped and it is the Occupational Therapist’s job to help put these back in place, to help you to Recover your extraordinary life. This may involve adapting the environment, utilising equipment, re-learning how to do certain activities or learning how to manage a change of circumstances.



The OT will assess three principal areas, work, leisure and activities of daily living. Each of these Occupational Performance Areas are assessed in order to identify what areas might need particular focus. In turn, each activity is then analysed and broken down further, which enables intervention to be made up of small graded, sometimes tiny steps.

As a fully qualified Occupational Therapist, I am registered with the Health Care Professions Council and the Royal College of Occupational Therapy. I am also a member of the Specialist Section for Independent Occupational Therapists.  I work in the area of Recovery and aim to assist people in rebuilding their lives. I focus on utilising  physical activity  as an intervention....because it works!


There is  an increasing  amount of evidence that suggests  physical activity  can help specifically in the management of  many conditions. Having seen this time and time again with my own clients, I truly value the use of physical activity as an intervention and, in particular ,activities that utilise the outdoor environment.


            My typical client will be experiencing :


Multiple Sclerosis 






Whilst challenging, the Recovery process can be both positive and


Sometimes the best ways to Recovery are beyond the confines of the

home . I use the natural environment to enrich the recovery process.


Every client is unique and , therefore, I consider what

activities are most meaningful to you, be that

meeting friends for coffee or climbing Ben Nevis.


I am constantly inspired by my clients

in overcoming what can sometimes be

overwhelming circumstances.

I aim  to promote recovery, support health

and well-being, maximise quality of life and

instill hope.

"Just to thank you and let you know that my Parkinson's Disease mobility has greatly improved since your one to one instruction on Nordic Walking. I'm able to cover around three kilometres a day and sometimes more according to my step counter. What's more, when I'm 'between the poles' most people are unaware of my condition."

Ex-Military Client with Parkinsons .  


"I suffer from multiple sclerosis and was recommended to try Pilates and Nordic walking with Gill. Under her guidance I have improved immeasurably.

Gill is professional, encouraging and kind but, most of all, she had become a valued friend."

Client with Multiple Sclerosis 


Please do not hesitate to get in touch. All communications are held in the strictest confidence.